The office consists of the General Assembly. It is divided into several poles whose roles are clearly established.
The members are regularly asked to participate in the projects of the association and are informed about the actions of the association through our newsletter.

The current office (2018 – 2019)

Past Presidents

Max Piffoux (3rd year thesis at IRC, INSERM School curriculum), 2017-2018

Ariel Frajerman (Internal Science, Science and Science Race Paris 6), 2016-2017

Stanislas Demuth (4th year of Medicine in Bordeaux, INSERM School curriculum), 2015-2016

Marc Scherlinger (Internal in Rheumatology in Bordeaux, INSERM School curriculum), 2014-2015

Raphaël Bernard-Valnet (Faculty of Medicine of Toulouse-Purpan, Inserm School curriculum), 2013-2014

Sophie Hello (Faculty of Pharmacy Paris Descartes, Paris, curriculum type School of Inserm), 2012-2013

Romain Freund (Faculty of Medicine Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, School Inserm), 2011-2012.

Walid Bouthour (Faculty of Medicine, Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, School Inserm), 2010-2011.

Gaspard Gerschenfeld (Faculty of Medicine Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, INSERM School curriculum), 2009-2010.


Miss Lina Benajiba (Paris 5), Mr. Samuel Bitoun (Paris 6), Mr. François Compagnon (Clermont-Ferrand), Mr. Clément Drouet (Besançon), Mr. François Gaillard (Clermont-Ferrand), Miss Elodie Lesteven (Paris) ))))))) 5), Miss Sara Touhami (Paris 7).

Honorary members

Mrs Anne-Marie Laffaye, MM. Jean-Claude Chottard, Philippe Ascher, François Amblard, Jean-Christophe Thalabard and Xavier Leverve – Pedagogical Committee of the Inserm School Liliane Bettencourt.

Messrs. Christian Bréchot, André Syrota and Yves Lévy – INSERM

Mr Antoine Durrleman – Court of Auditors

Mr. Freddy Nguyen – American Physician Scientists Association

The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, which has supported the association since its creation.

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